About Us


Nooga Diversity Center (NDC) provides an affirming environment with a connection to a network of local area resources as well as in-house physical and mental health support groups, and tailored programming that is informational, educational, social, recreational, and is focused on our area's LGBTQ+ community and their families.


For Everyday Life 


As LGBTQ+ people, it's sometimes difficult to find the right physician, lawyer, religious community, or counselor. NDC is continually curating a list of LGBTQ+ affirming resources to help you live a healthier, more authentic lifestyle.

Don't Miss a Beat...


As one of the only local resources in the greater Chattanooga area for the LGBTQ+ community, we always have a lot going on. Stay up-to-date on all our news and events here!

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The Edney | 1100 Market Street | Floor 7

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402


Call Us: 423-521-0093